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UVA:  Vermentino in purity from organic cultivation
(not yet certified

VINEYARD: Located on the first hill of Fosdinovo commune at an altitude of about 250 m asl, oriented to the northwest.
Sandy soil with a rich matrix of pebbles.
Only copper and sulfur are used in the vineyard.
The pebbles are alternately inert to improve soil breathing and biodiversity.Breeding to Guyot with average density of 7000 strains per hectare.

HUNTING: Manual in 15 kg cassettes. It yields about 70 quintals of grapes per hectare.

VINIFICATION: Full grape pressing, must decanting for 12/24 hours. Fermentation at a temperature of 16 -18 ° C. Steel sealing on lees ni for 5 months.
Minimal use of oenological products.

PRODUCTION: 2,000 Bottles

NOTE:  MANETERRA: hand and earth.
Two are the elements that help to create a wine: the land on which the vine grows and the hand of the one who turns the grapes into wine.
As the same vine planted on two different terrains will give grapes with different characteristics so the same grape vinced by two distinct people will give birth to a different wine 2016 was the first year of production of Vermentino Maneterra. A very small production aiming at obtaining a more natural and healthier wine thanks to organic grapes and a drastic reduction of oenological products.